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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Shaker Doors for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Shaker Doors for Your Home

Jun 21, 2024


Bryan Adams

Shaker cabinet doors are a homeowner's favorite due to their clean lines and recessed panel design. They blend seamlessly into various kitchen designs and work well with variations in wood species, stains, paint colors and hardware options.

Slim shaker door styles have narrower stiles and rails, resulting in a sleek and modern appearance, while Traditional Shaker doors have wider stiles and rails for a classic and timeless look.


Shaker cabinet doors add a simple elegance to your kitchen. The flat panel and rails of this style distinguish it from other door styles, such as raised panel, adding a minimalist beauty to your kitchen design.

With a variety of colors to choose from, you can match your shaker cabinets to your kitchen color scheme.

Light-colored shaker doors like white or cream can maximize light and create a spacious, open ambiance, while dark shades such as navy blue or charcoal grey can impart a bold, sophisticated look.

If you want to add a hint of modern farmhouse style, try adding beadboard panels to your cabinets. You can also opt for two-toned cabinets to complement your kitchen design.

Another factor to consider is the functionality of your kitchen. If you prefer a minimalist style, consider slim shaker doors like Waydoor’s standard Shaker door. Traditional Shaker doors, on the other hand, have wider stiles and rails and are ideal for traditional kitchens. They can be complemented with wooden countertops and rustic fixtures for a cozy, country-inspired ambiance.


The materials used to create a shaker cabinet door are important, as they can significantly affect the look of your kitchen. In addition to wood species, finishes such as stains and paints can further enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen doors and protect them from wear and tear.

When choosing a material for your shaker cabinet doors, consider your desired color and the overall feel you want to achieve in your kitchen. For example, spruce planks for the frame and luan for the panel can provide a more modern look, while fir or maple can bring a more traditional charm.

When deciding on the size of your shaker doors, keep in mind that this style features a recessed center panel that sits below the rails and stiles. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right size for your cabinets so that the doors fit perfectly and there will be no gaps or overlaps.

To do this, make sure to measure the cabinet opening and box size precisely before cutting your new shaker cabinet doors. Also, remember to save scrap pieces of lumber for trial cuts and adjustments.


With a variety of finishes available, there are plenty of ways to personalize your shaker cabinet doors. The options are limited only by your imagination and the desired aesthetic for your space.

One of the most popular choices is a matte finish, which adds a subtle elegance and can help highlight the door’s detail. If you prefer a more dramatic look, consider a paint or stain with a sheen to give the cabinetry depth and character.

Other finishing options include a glazed look, which adds an air of light and brightness to the space. Or, for a more rustic feel, try a natural or antique-inspired finish.

There are also several types of edge detailing that can be added to the doors for visual appeal. For example, a square-edged bead can provide a simple yet elegant touch, or an ogee profile can add a more classic and sophisticated look.

Finally, there are various hardware options to complement your shaker cabinet doors, from sleek brushed nickel to antique brass and bronze. Each adds their own unique touch to your kitchen’s overall look.


You’ll want to choose hardware for your cabinet doors that matches the overall look of the space. The hardware should also serve a functional purpose, making it easy to open the door and drawers. Popular options include knobs and cup pulls.

Knobs are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your design preferences. Pulls, on the other hand, offer a more traditional style. They have a curved shape that easily fits your fingers and can be found in trending metals like brass and oil-rubbed bronze.

Once your shaker cabinet doors have been painted or stained, it’s time to install them in your kitchen. Using a concealed hinge jig helps to make this process easier and more precise, saving you time and money.

You can also use a hinge template to ensure that the hardware is installed at the same location on each door. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be ready to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!


Despite their simplicity, shaker cabinet doors are great for a variety of kitchen styles. For example, the simple lines of this style can be enhanced by incorporating glass panels or decorative hardware into your design.

Additionally, you can customize the look of your shaker cabinets by choosing different wood species and finishes, allowing you to match your kitchen’s aesthetic with your personal preferences.

To achieve a sleek and minimalist appearance, opt for Slim Shaker doors. These have narrower stiles and rails — the vertical and horizontal frames that surround the center panel — creating a more streamlined appearance. On the other hand, Traditional Shaker doors have wider stiles and rails for a classic appearance.

In addition to choosing the right style for your project, it’s important to choose high-quality materials. Be sure to check that each cabinet door is constructed from a single piece of wood.

This ensures that the doors will be durable and withstand changes in humidity and temperature without warping or cracking. Additionally, a solid-wood construction will also allow for a custom fit and improved stability.

Final Words!

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