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Difference Between Interior and Exterior Doors

Difference Between Interior and Exterior Doors

Jun 20, 2024


Bryan Adams

Doors serve many functions, including letting people in and out of spaces, separating rooms, regulating ventilation or air drafts so that interiors can be heated or cooled more effectively, dampening noise, and blocking fire. They also provide security and enhance appearances.

Different door types are designed for specific purposes. An exterior door cannot be used as an interior one and vice versa.


When it comes to purchasing new doors, insulation is a key consideration. Insulated and solid doors form a tight seal with the floor to prevent air from leaving or entering rooms in your home.

This helps to regulate temperatures and reduce your energy bills. This type of door is also an excellent choice for storage rooms and other locations that are not occupied frequently.

Because exterior doors are exposed to harsh weather conditions and a lot of wear and tear, they have to be built with optimal insulation capabilities. This is why they are typically much thicker than interior doors and feature multiple construction layers for durability.

While hollow-core interior doors have made great strides in quality, they still lack the sound-canceling and heat-insulating properties of solid-core doors. However, they are cheaper than solid-wood or wood-veneered doors and can save homeowners on initial costs.

Solid-core doors are the best option for homes that require noise-canceling and thermal insulation. They feature a thick layer of high-quality material over a honeycombed interior to muffle sound and improve insulating abilities.

In addition, they are resistant to warping and swelling and can hold up to a variety of weather abuses. However, these doors are often heavier than hollow-core interior doors and may require more effort to install and move. They can also be more expensive than solid-wood or wood-veneered interior doors.


A high-quality exterior door can make a significant difference in curb appeal, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and security. These doors may have a higher upfront cost, but they’re worth the investment. They add value to your home and boost its resale price.

Modern exterior doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring materials and insulation that help maintain a comfortable interior temperature. They also come with a wide selection of styles to suit your personal style.

They’re available in various finishes, including fiberglass and steel, which are both incredibly durable. Look for ENERGY STAR certification to find the best options for your home.

If your current exterior door is showing signs of deterioration, such as dents and scratches, it’s time to upgrade to something more reliable. Over time, the intense sun, wind, and rain can wear away at the solid materials that exterior doors are made of. A weakened door can also leave your home vulnerable to pests and break-ins.

In addition to being more secure, new doors are also easier to keep clean than older models. Many are designed with features that prevent intruders from breaking in or gaining access to your valuables, such as cylinder guards and deadbolts.

You can also install metal door frames around your exterior doors for additional protection. The frame will help to strengthen the door and improve its insulation, making it harder for burglars to pry or kick them open.


Depending on their location within the house, interior doors can add to the style and design of a room. They can also come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement the home’s overall décor. Many homeowners choose to use door colors that are consistent throughout the entire home or door designs that are complementary to each room.

Exterior doors can be more ornate in design since they face the outside world and are often the first thing visitors will see upon arriving at the home. They are also likely to have peepholes and other features that enhance security.

Solid wood interior doors offer an elegance and beauty that isn’t easily replicated by other materials. They are also durable, allowing them to hold multiple coats of paint to match any color or finish that the homeowner wants. They can also add value to the home and are often a focal point of the entryway.


The most obvious difference between interior doors and exterior doors is their cost. Exterior doors are much sturdier and heavier than their interior counterparts, so they are typically more expensive.

They are also designed with a specific function in mind, such as protecting the home from weather damage and providing security. This means that they have to be made from more durable materials and include additional features, such as deadbolts and door jambs.

Interior doors are less expensive than their exterior counterparts and can be found in a wide range of styles and materials, including MDF, wood, and metal.

Many of these doors feature glass panels or a combination of colors and wood grains to add visual appeal. You can color or stain them to match your existing decor. Some interior doors even have a built-in lock to add an extra layer of security.

Most homeowners don’t give their interior doors much thought, opting for a builder-grade flush or panel door to meet their functional needs of creating privacy and separating rooms. However, these doors are a major design element and should be given consideration when remodeling your home.

Interior doors have a number of essential functions, such as increasing privacy and security, buffering noise, and insulating against heat loss, so they need to be durable enough to stand up to regular use.

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