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A Guide to the Different Types of Glass Doors

A Guide to the Different Types of Glass Doors

May 14, 2024


Bryan Adams

Installing glass doors will not only blur the boundaries between your indoor setup and the outside environment, but also help improve energy efficiency.

They can effectively block harmful UV rays, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. Glass walls have become increasingly popular because they help expand living areas and support the indoor-outdoor lifestyle trend, all while being environmentally friendly.


Sliding glass doors are a perfect solution for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces without sacrificing security, privacy, or energy efficiency. They typically lead to a patio, balcony, or backyard and come in two-, three-, or four-panel options.

With larger panels than other door types, sliding doors let more natural light into a home. This decreases your dependency on artificial lighting, boosts your mood, and lowers energy costs.

Sliding doors, in addition to their unobstructed view of your outdoors, provide a sense of security. This is particularly beneficial for keeping tabs on children and pets or ensuring that all areas of your property are safe from intruders. They can be fitted with window or door treatments to increase privacy, as well.

While sliding doors are commonly used as patio doors, their versatility extends to interior use.

As closet or pantry doors, they create a visual separation between rooms while still allowing natural light to flow. Their combination of privacy and natural light makes them excellent choices for bathrooms.


Swing doors are a great way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor setups. They’re particularly useful if you like entertaining guests in the backyard or are interested in gardening or other outdoor activities.

They’re also ideal for home offices and studies, as they can provide privacy and still allow you to view the adjacent spaces.

Sliding glass entrances are not just a practical choice for homeowners, they also offer a sleek design that enhances the look of any room.

They’re available in an array of materials, finishes, and sizes, allowing for creative and inspiring design choices. They’re perfect for homes with limited space or those who want to make the most of natural light.

Bi-fold glass doors are made from a series of hinged panels that fold along a sill track. They’re available in framed and frameless options and offer enhanced privacy, improved energy efficiency, and a contemporary look.

Commercial and industrial swinging doors are constructed from steel or aluminum, which makes them durable enough for high-traffic areas. They’re also designed with theft-resistant features and other safety measures for high-security buildings.


Revolving doors are a popular choice for large businesses, as they allow for smooth and seamless access while protecting against unauthorized entry.

They are ideal for office buildings, hotels, and airports that receive a lot of foot traffic and require high-grade security features to prevent break-ins. A revolving door can also help to eliminate the need for air conditioning by keeping the interiors cool without using energy.

Revolving doors, often associated with large businesses, can also be a practical choice for homeowners.

They offer a convenient way to move from indoors to outdoors in seconds, making them ideal for homes with a yard or garden. Their unique design can help to blur the boundaries between indoor setups and outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Local installation companies can recommend the best glass to use for your new doors, including double-paned windows that stop heat transfer and etching to protect your privacy.

They can also help you find the right balance between natural light and too much UV radiation so you can make your home brighter without making it too hot.


The popularity of bi-fold doors is growing within homes, as they offer beautiful views and help to create a sense of space. They also help to reduce drafts and noise pollution and improve energy efficiency, so they are a great addition to any home.

A set of bi-fold doors can really open up a room, maximizing the amount of natural light that enters it. They can be external or internal and are popular as a gateway to a garden or conservatory or used to divide larger rooms without losing their spaciousness.

These doors are usually glazed with large panels, which means they let in plenty of light. They can be made from wood or aluminum and can be either double-walled or single-walled, depending on the environment they’re being installed in.

Double-walled bifold doors are more expensive, but they save on energy bills by keeping the inside of a room warmer.

While bifold doors can be DIY projects, it’s often safer to have them professionally fitted by a trained technician. This will ensure that the door system is properly secured and a suitable threshold is created to prevent water pooling.


Shower doors let in more light, showcase intricate shower tiles and make small bathrooms look bigger. They’re also a safer choice than flimsy shower curtains, which can easily escape and create puddles on the floor.

If security is a concern, frosted glass or pebble glass are options that obscure the view of people and objects on either side of the door.

Sliding shower doors, which slide on a track instead of swinging open like framed doors, save space and are ideal for tub enclosures.

They’re available in a variety of glass types and styles to match any bathroom design, including clear or tinted and opaque or frosted.

Choosing the right glass for your shower or tub door is crucial to ensuring safety and durability.

A professional craftsman can recommend the best type of glass for your project and install it quickly and safely. They’ll also ensure that seals and supports are properly in place, reducing the risk of water leakage or structural damage over time.

Wrap Up!

Whether you're looking for bi-fold doors to enhance natural light and create an effortless flow between indoor and outdoor areas or shower doors to enhance the look of your bathroom, Waydoor offers a spectrum of high-quality glass doors to suit your needs.

With professional installation and expert recommendations, you can trust that your glass doors will be safe, durable, and visually appealing.

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